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Ciara's Halloween Door

Every Halloween, Aldebrain hosts a "Haunted Door Contest" where each team decorates their doors with the spookiest (or the most creative) decorations in order to win the grand Halloween prize (along with bragging rights)!

This year on Team 4, Ciara O. went all out with her imagination and came up with a "Haunted House" theme in which she incorporated her client team members and Team 4 staff. Can you take a guess who they are? Ciara added many cool details so it's worth giving the pictures of her artwork a second look. Amazing job Ciara; it's safe to say that Team 4 has won the contest once again.

Ciara O. showing off the extra artwork on the side of the door

Here is the full door in all its glory

Guess the witches -- and the victims!

Not in jail!

A close up

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