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Thank You from the Zoomies Committee

We just wanted to thank all of the people who joined us on Friday, April 29th, 2022 for the first ever Zoomies event and brought so much positive energy to the program.

The Zoomies event was not only meant to highlight the accomplishments of the past two years but was also meant to signal the start of the next phase of our programming at CHIRS Adult Day Services (ADS) as we continue to shift towards a hybrid of virtual and in-person programming.

In order for us to accomplish this, it is necessary to scale back a bit on zoom programming so we can free up ADS staff to start planning and facilitating some in-person programs. Please keep an eye out for the upcoming changes.

Last but not least, here are the award recipients!

1. Neil D - The Above and Beyond Award

2. Geoff E - Best Researcher Award

3. Rob B -Best Virtual Teacher Award

4. Simon A - Radio Host/Keeping Us Connected Award

5. Tim E - Best Virtual Presentations Award

6. Jessica N - Best Virtual Lunch Program Award

7. Sandra S - Tips to Stay Healthy Award

8. Lorraine - Zoom Yogi Award

9. Janeta P - Most Physically Active Award

10. Satyajit - Most Energetic Exerciser Award

11. Jan L - Helping Hand Award

12. Sharon S - Most Improved with Technology Award

13. Leonard -Up for Trying Anything Award

14. Andrey B - Positivity Award

15. Keith M/Eric SS/Mike V/Don M - Best Use of Music in Program Award

16. Brett - The Mr. Navigator (aka. Best Tour Guide) Award

17. Dawid S - Most Improved Euchre Award

18. Marshall - Inspirational Award

19. Dora - Food Hamper Volunteer Award

20. Shannon Y - Most Improved Walker Award

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