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2020- A Year in Review

Updated: May 6, 2021

2020: A Year in Review

Name something positive that came out of 2020 for you personally:

Jan L: May the worst day of 2021 be the best day of 2020. Brought family together virtually more than ever!

Kang K: I built a stronger bond with my sister during this time. Technology advancement that brought my family and friends across the world together.. friends we haven’t seen in decades and that was great!

Lorraine M: It’s hard to understand why and how COVID happened, everything was unclear at first, but now we have so much light on this situation we can see a better future. We may have to stay in, but exercise your brain, mind, and body!

Alex B: Getting good rest! Waking up and being on time for events because everything is virtual! Being on time is crucial thing in life.

Bob R: I found 2020 to be the scariest year of my life but I’m very thankful for the virtual programs and being able to connect with my friends. Has been a saving grace keeping me socially connected. 2020 has halted my physical activities because gyms closed down, but I compromised and now I do chair exercises, go for walks, and light weights. I became a grandpa this year in January to a very special baby boy. A special shoutout to Rowen who has helped me a BUNCH with all the technological stuff.

Thakshani: I love how 2020 slowed everything down. Allowed me to spend more time with myself to learn about myself without too many social distractions.

Walton S: There is good and bad in everything.. but only good in KFC!

Neil D: It was nice to spend some time with my dad virtually (he’s still in Nassau).

David M: I didn’t get to go out to the park for photography but I was able to find a new hobby, 3d puzzles, colouring, drawing, etc! I also became a great uncle this year to a precious baby boy.

Tim E: Everything's been good so far. I’ve spent a lot of time with my mother in Kempville but I do miss Toronto. Looking forward to coming back! I also got these cool wireless headphones on sale and that was awesome!

Neil’s’ Poem:

Thank You CHIRS

What a challenging year It has been Very unexpected But we met it head on

Started off slow Was just a second thought Until suddenly It locked us all

Yet CHIRS did not miss a beat Did not even blink Just changed in ways That turned out to work extremely well

Little did we all know What relationships What friendships Would be born

Little did we know That people who were Complete strangers once Would become great friends

Little did we know How much fun We all would have Even though we were just squares on the screen

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