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Toastmasters is now called Speakers Corner!

A hybrid Toastmasters is back, now called Speakers Corner! It's a good program for clients who want to practice their speech, improvisation, and communication skills. The room is lively, exciting, and supportive. The speakers get a feeling of standing on stage and getting over any fear they have with public speaking, while being cheered on and getting help improving by a great audience. We are happy with how it’s going and are looking forward to seeing where this program takes off in the near future.

Some words from two of our participants:

Andrey: It is so nice to be back in person, it is well coordinated, we don’t have to worry about the difficulties of technology and will gain more skills and confidence with public speaking in person.

MT: I enjoyed the program, felt it was nice to be around the community, and believe that, Speakers Corner will keep increasing in numbers.

Check out some pictures below from our first session. Let your staff know if you'd like to see if this group is a good fit for you. It's every Tuesday from 11 am to 12 pm at Head Office (or on zoom if you can't be there in person).

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