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CHIRS Loves Pumpkins and Halloween

On October 30th, CHIRS took a trip to the Halloween Night of Lights, held on the grounds of Sherway Gardens shopping mall. Organized by Rowen K. and Charlotte B., they took some CHIRS members through a thrilling, immersive walk-through experience made up of lights and wonderment. The gang even ventured into "Pumpkinville"; a fun fair located at the end of the night of lights trail. "Pumpkinville" featured a pumpkin village filled with sculptures made of pumpkins. Looks like the gang had a blast.

Here we have (and excited or scared) Rob B., Charlotte B, Lorraine M., Zia L., and Marshall L

CHIRS members posing with Rowen K. under an installation

Giant skeletons

Lorraine M. looking pretty with a pumpkin butterfly

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