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Andrey Explores the Outdoors

1.) Nature conservancy of Canada

Andrey’s message:

My Mom and I decided to take a walk one day and found the Nature Conservancy of Canada. It was a beautiful day! Not too hot and not too cold. The park has lots of trails that are accessible and also lots of benches to take breaks if needed. It’s a nature reserve with lots of trees, birds and other animals.

We met a couple of staff members, one was a biologist, and they were both very knowledgeable about the park.

The Nature conservancy of Canada is an NGO (non-governmental organization) that receives federal and provincial funding as well as donations. It relies heavily on donations from the people of Ontario to maintain its Ecosystems.

The NCC maintains hundreds of acres of land across Canada.

It is a great place to go for a walk if you enjoy being surrounded by nature but want to stay closer to the city. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Toronto.

2.) Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Andrey’s message:

My Mom and I decided to go for another jaunt and found Samuel Smith Park on the shores of Lake Ontario. Located south of Kipling and Lakeshore.

It was a little bit chilly that day but still nice for walking. You could feel the cool breeze coming in off the lake. The trails were in pretty good shape and accessible for people with assistive devices.

There were very few people there and it was nice to have a view of the lake without the crowds of people.

The park has several scenic hiking trails that lead to various beach access points.

Throughout the park there are several observation decks, where you might spot some wild life such as ducks, turtles and beavers! Over one hundred bird species also nest in the area.

The park also has several picnic areas, some sheltered if it happens to rain.

The trails are interconnected with the lakeshore waterfront trails and you can walk for miles if you wanted to!

The park was very well maintained and clean! Overall it was a beautiful visit and a great place to spend quality time with family.

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