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Going With the Flow...

As you all know, the basement at CHIRS head office was hit by a flood in early April. This meant that we would not be able to use the basement space for all our programs. But fear not; team ADS (along with the rest of the agency) quickly pivoted and came up with a brilliant solution! We have moved the majority of our programs over to Edithvale Community Centre and the best part of this solution is that the community center is right down the street from the CHIRS head office.

As of now, the basement at Head office continues to be a work in progress and is not ready for our return. To end with some good news: the drop in/lunch program continues to be open in the club space.

Jill H. and Marcy H. are enjoying the beautiful weather and flowers after a program at Edithvale

Jason G, Amy F. and student Charlotte B in art group

Art Group in full swing in the Gibson Room at Edithvale

Artists Munir C. and Karen M. with their masterpieces

Below you will see Yogi Ro with all the other yogi masters

Lastly, we have Musician Roy A. with his singing band on Mondays

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