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Roxy's Amazing Contribution to Brain Injury Awareness Month

Roxy R. has shared with us that her art is part of Brain Injury Society of Toronto's 's expressive Art Show this month. It is fitting because June represents Brain Injury Awareness Month, and in her life, it is also Filipino Heritage Month, and her birthday. Here is her explanation of her art and the inspiration behind it.

It being Filipino Heritage Month, I'd like to also share with you the Filipino concept, "Kapwa' (which there is no English word that directly/concisely encapsulates it). But, I'd like to try translate the meaning of this concept for you: 'Kapwa Tao (pronounced 'tah oh)' literally translates to 'fellow' or neighbor' but the concept of 'Kapwa' is something more expansive, meaning something akin to 'shared identity' + 'fellowship', and 'seeing yourself in the other'.

An art therapy counsellor gave me the idea to record my voice reading my artist statements over music, which I have done this week! So, I invite you to listen to an audio of my artist statement for the art piece entitled "Re:Wyrd (Cognizant 7 Generations)...I offer this to you with my deepest gratitude.

Considering Kapwa and folks who may have lost vision and not be able to easily see the art or read the image descriptions/artist statements, I recorded my artist statement over some music to offer a 'journey' into the art with the resonance of my voice to hopefully offer a way for folks to connect and maybe resonate with this art piece in a deeper way. Unfortunately, the audio recording is not part of the 'official' art show just the written versions of my 'artist statements' are on the BIST webpage (Editors Note: we were able to attach it here, a BBN Blog exclusive!)

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