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Simon A. Goes to the Movies

Simon A. has been taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and enjoying the indoor activities of going to the cinema. Simon has watched many new blockbuster films along with sampling different movie theaters. Below are his ratings for the movies as well as the theaters around Toronto.


Nope (2022)

Science Fiction/Horror

Rating: 6/10

Good: Nice lead up to the end, good suspense.

Bad: Movie was not what was expected.

The movie was long and a little boring with

very little suspense until the end.

Top Gun Maverick (2022)

Action and Adventure

Rating: 10/10

Good: Love story. It was about Maverick training other pilots, challenging himself.

Bad: Fun movie, no negatives and would watch again.

Super Pets Movie (2022)



Good: Good for families. Funny.

Lots of superheroes were involved. A new movie focused on pets.

Bad: Some boring parts and can be slow due to conversations among the pets.

Barbarian (2022)



Good: there was a lot of suspense. You don’t know what is coming next. A lot of action in the movie and kept you guessing.

Bad: The bad part of the movie was the cops; the cops did not really care about the person who was seeking help. Ignored and abandoned her, blamed the victim.

Black Adam



Good: action, funny. Good story about redemption.

Bad: Nothing

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever



Good: Lots of action, adventure through underwater world. 3D.

Bad: Long movie, took a while to get to the



Empress Walk Cineplex Theatre Overall 9/10

Movie theatre ratings: 9/10

Variety of movies being shown: 10/10

Staff: 9/10

Food variety: 7/10

Comfort/Crowd: 10/10

Convenience: 9/10

Washroom accessibility: 9/10

Fairview Cineplex Theatre Overall 8/10

Theatre ratings 7/10: under renovations, empty spaces

Variety of movies being shown: 8/10

Staff 5/10: less staff and had to purchase tickets on your own, did not seem as welcoming,

Food variety: 7/10

Comfort/Crowd: 6/10

Convenience 6/10: had to enter the mall first, then up the escalators to theatres. A lot of walking involved which could be a challenge for people with mobility issues.

Washroom accessibility 3/10: Complicated to find.

Vaughn Cineplex Theatre/Colossus Overall 8/10

Theatre ratings 9/10

Big theatre and a variety of movies being shown 7/10

Staff 5/10: staffing was not bad. But machines did not work well. Would prefer to have someone there to help out instead.

Food variety N/A: did not purchase food

Comfort/Crowd 6/10: seats were comfortable but no leather.

Convenience 8/10: Easy to get to, lots of parking

Washroom accessibility 3/10: Complicated to find

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