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Thank You Audrey

Dear Audrey,

The Rooftop Garden and Greenhouse teams wish to thank you for your leadership these past 3 years.

Through every step of the way you guided us by sharing your expertise with patience, hard work and humor, even through the pandemic, mask and all.

You taught us how to prepare the soil, when to sow the seeds, how to propagate, the importance of fertilizing, insect control and much more.

You were instrumental in getting our pergola and an irrigation system. No more lugging around that heavy hose!

Through the hot days in the greenhouse and the wind, heat and rain (or lack of it) on the rooftop garden you kept us focused and positive.

As one team member put it: you were “the sunshine over our gardens” and you are our “GARDEN ROYALTY”.

Thank You Audrey

(Written by Denise B.)

Audrey receiving a gift from Lorraine K

Audrey helping top up soil on the rooftop garden

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