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The Evolution of Hootenanny - From the Point of View of a Student

During the start of my co-op placement at CHIRS, Hootenanny was one of the first programs that I helped with. I didn’t know exactly what the name “Hootenanny” entailed. After taking part in it for the first time, I quickly realized it to be a loud, fun, and large jam session where people can gather to share their favorite music together.

After the switch to summer programming, I noticed that it was becoming bigger and better. More clients started attending, their voices were louder, and it was becoming more musical. We also incorporated Zoom into the program so that clients could enjoy this program from home. My personal favorite part is that clients are able to showcase their talent by playing instruments alongside staff. I also enjoy how clients can lead the group with their own song choices. Thank you for sharing your amazing energy, beautiful voices, and talent with me every Friday. “Midnight Special” by Creedance Clearwater Revival is the song that started Hootenanny and it is played almost every Friday -- turns out it is a favorite of mine!

Rony C. and Gino C. are keeping the beat going with their drumming

James O. concentrating on his keyboard chords

Danny S. leading his go-to Hootenanny song “Hey Jude” with Dave S. on the guitar

Brian F. and Roy A. strumming their guitars while others sing along

We can’t forget about the clients that are tuned in virtually on Zoom

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