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"Understanding Wellness" Event at CHIRS

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

In the final weeks of August, the ADS students hosted a series of events to learn about and promote personal well-being. Staff and clients joined in a series of events that focused on learning what well-being is and developing strategies that promote personal care. Additionally, there were resources available in the Club to help individuals practice these wellness-based activities.

On Wednesday, we provided educational pamphlets that shared what is wellness, why it is important, wellness-related questions to ask ourselves, and the various types of rest that are needed for our mind and body. As well, there were adult colouring pages in the Club that promoted relaxation as the act of coloring helps individuals unwind through a soothing experience. We had hoped to attend a Campfire Sing-along that would encourage us to socialize, play games, sing songs, and make meaningful memories, however, due to the weather the event was postponed until September. Instead, we played games and socialized with each other in the Club.

On Thursday, we asked members of the CHIRS community to wear the colour blue in order to display our unitedness as the CHIRS community. Staff and clients at CHIRS showcased blue in their clothing and accessories. We provided staff and clients with journaling prompts as an independent activity. Journaling prompts promote self-expression that helps individuals reminisce, feel organized, and gain feelings of confidence. Finally, we held a group karaoke session in the Club. Karaoke helps improve our overall mood, decrease levels of stress, and is an opportunity to socialize with others. We had awesome participants filling the Club with song and music.

On Friday, we had asked participants of CHIRS to join us in a morning meditation for an opportunity to focus on their senses through the environment. Tea, a calming drink that promotes relaxation, was offered in the Club for free. Finally, we proposed a wellness challenge to everyone; we asked people to spend time doing what brings them peace and strengthens their well-being. Some ideas included going for a walk, gardening, doing some gentle stretches, or to even let out a sigh. Participants sent in pictures of what brings them wellness for us to share.

Resources that were available for pick-up in the Club

Lisa K. and Reuben S. singing a duet during Club Karaoke!

Rob M. and Shannon Y. singing together during Club Karaoke

A picture of CHIRS Staff and Clients wearing blue on Thursday

Prateek M. shared pictures from his favourite green space that he visits throughout the Summer. Prateek wrote “This activity, as I recall, is from a podcast that talks about “Forest Bathing” - a Japanese technique centered around relaxing at a peaceful green space full of plants, trees and water, that you can find for yourself, that heals you. If you happen to be travelling to another City anywhere else in the world, then look for a green space near to where you plan to be staying and visit this location ONLY when you are stressed or tired or sleepy. Feel your surroundings, use all your senses, and close your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Take it all in. And you are very likely going to feel all charged up.”

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