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CHIRS Holiday Party 2022

Team ADS ended the year 2022 with a bang! We held our last (hopefully) online zoom Holiday Party. The event was hosted by none other than the world-famous Geraldo Capone the detective and his sidekick Charlotte. Geraldo and Charlotte unfortunately misplaced the "Great Gift" which we were to receive from CHIRS but thankfully they began searching high and low through the different dimensions, interviewing many staff members for clues, playing games to solve the mystery and even talking to Santa before time ran out.

The evening consisted of "A Look Back in the Year" with our BBN editor Zannate Z. The editor shared her favorite memories thorough out the year 2022 (all of which you can go back and read on this very blog). These memories included the success of the rooftop garden, the diverse talent of our clients in the CHIRS universe, and the many adventures of our clients... just to name a few.

The team also played some interactive games which consisted of bringing back some of our favorites (Danny C., Pete B. and Mel V.) as contestants. This gave our favorites an opportunity to share experiences and anecdotes related to 2022.

Staff members Lisa C. and Yvonne N. also starred in a hilarious script where they showed us all of the new upgrades and updates that have been taking place at head office.

We also got a special visit from Santa Claus; he shared some delightful insight on where and what the "Great Gift" could be! Needless to say, the evening was a success as Geraldo and Charlotte ultimately located the "Great Gift".

The "Great Gift" is that team ADS is opening up for in person programs staring January 2023. If any of you would like to register for programs, please reach out to a CHIRS staff member. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Here we have Geraldo and Santa Claus discussing the missing gift

Sandra S. and Aldebrain Team 4 wishing everyone happy holidays and a happy new year

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